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Fact you should know about tea.

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Tea offers a host of health benefits, which will be outlined shortly. Many of the beneficial effects of tea are due to the flavonoids it contains. Flavonoids belong to a grouping of chemicals that have strong antioxidant properties and can reduce free radical damage (free radicals produce what we call “oxidative stress” and can contribute to chronic disease).

Tea protects teeth.

Tea Protects against cancer.

Tea Protects against diabetes

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Drinking 6 or more cups of black tea per day was associated with decreased serum cholesterol and triglycerides. Tea improves blood vessel function. Regular tea drinkers had a 65% reduced risk of developing high blood pressure


Although caffeine intake has been suggested to be a risk factor for reduced bone mineral density, research indicated that drinking tea does not negatively affect bone mineral density. Older women who drank tea had a higher bone mineral density than those who did not drink tea


Drinking tea resulted in a reduced risk of Parkinsons disease

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Taste:Taste is common sense of the genious.

Enjoy:Enjoyment flows where Tea leafs goes.

Alive:Tea leafs makes you feel lively.

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